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Straight2L, The L Word Podcast

Mar 24, 2021

Welcome to Straight 2 L, a podcast about the television series The L Word! Host Tonya (a lesbian) invites Suzanne and Whitney (two straights) into her home to take a deep dive into the 15-year old show, answering questions like:

Who had the worst punch at the self-defense class and why is it Jenny? Has bargain basement Stanley Tucci never heard of small dick jokes? Why did Dean Porter look like she was chaperoning a dance at a club opening? How many mentions of Natalie Portman can Whit miss in one episode? Which one of the girls is more likely to have a threesome with My Lover Cindy in a small alcove at SheBar?

Get your cold fish and hot rollers, your free Tim Horton’s coffee, and enjoy some more Pelotalk, TitTalk, and insights into whether the vaccine can make your knees and testicles swell.