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Straight2L, The L Word Podcast

Mar 31, 2021

Welcome to Straight 2 L, a podcast about the television series The L Word! Host Tonya (a lesbian) invites Suzanne and Whitney (two straights) into her home to take a deep dive into the 15-year old show, answering questions like:

Where is the exact location of Lover Cindi’s tramp stamp? Did Bette look like she was carrying flour during that “sexy scene” with Jodi? How did production afford the rights to a Jackson 5 song? How many party brownies are too many, and did Alice ever find out?

Get the answers to these questions and other hot topics, such as CTC shrimp tail, Jeni’s new ice cream flavor, a Suze, Zouks, and Gonzo threesome, and who would play the girls in a feature film of the pod?